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gender identity

10 Harmful Myths That Fuel Transgender Misinformation

At what point are we all just going to accept each other for who we are?

Marlon Wayans Opens Up About Supporting His Trans Son

“As a parent, I just want my kids to be free," the actor said.

Stevie Mathers, Eminem's Genderfluid Child, Hard Launches Their New Romance

This is the type of tea we love hearing!

10 Myths About Aromanticism Debunked

The more you know, the better.

What Does The '2S' Or 'Two-Spirit' Mean In The LGBTQIA2S+?

Get to know the "Two-Spirit" part of our rainbow family.

UPDATED: Ne-Yo Changes Tune On 'Offensive' Comments On Trans Kids

Sigh. Do we really have to tell you comparing trans children to animals is not OK?

Why 'Bonus Hole' Is Going Viral On Twitter & What The Term Means

TERFs have latched on to the term and are using it as an excuse to spew more transphobia.

Bretman Rock Clarifies That He Goes By 'All The Pronouns'

The influencer recently opened up about his nonbinary identity.

Jeffree Star Slams Nonbinary People: 'There Are No Theys And Thems'

"People get so mad when I say that.”

Gottmik & Gigi Gorgeous To Release New Book Titled 'The T Guide'

The two BFFs are now releasing a joint book about gender identity.