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gender identity

Ron DeSantis is trying to ruin Pride Month but the Tampa Bay Rays are fighting back

"Don't Say Gay" DeSanits may have banned rainbow lights, but that's not stopping the Rays!

Elon Musk's X bans 'cisgender'

It’s the latest attack on transgender people by Elon Musk’s company.

5 queer anime series you NEED to see & where to stream them

No matter how you identify there's a range of LGBTQ+ representation in anime.

From sex to politics: 5 interesting facts from a new study about lesbians

To celebrate Lesbian Visibility Week we're digging into the data behind the lives of LGBTQ+ women.

Companies are less likely to hire nonbinary job applicants using 'they' pronouns

A new report shows that job candidates who identify as nonbinary get fewer responses than their cisgender peers.

What is 'GNC lesbian' and why is it important to know?

Our community is gorgeously complex, here's how these Sapphics fit into the mix!

Planet Fitness bans a troll who snapped a pic of a trans woman changing — and it's not sorry

Planet Fitness is standing behind its decision to ban a member who photographed a transgender woman in a locker room.

Twitch star F1NN5TER comes out as genderfluid & bisexual—shares HRT update

"I am just here to be me," he said in a recent video.

These powerful tributes to slain LGBTQ+ teen Nex Benedict remind us of the healing power of art

Despite the tragedy, Nex Benedict will be remembered as a talented artist who always brightened any room he was in.

What is FLINTA and why is it an important acronym?

The German-originated term is gaining popularity, but what does it mean?

Cisgender is NOT a slur! Here's what it means.

A little louder in the back for people still confused.

10 Gender Identities Recognized By Cultures Outside Of The US

You’d be surprised by how many gender identities are widely accepted in other places.

Breaking Down The Binary: Key Differences Between Sex & Gender

Subtle or huge, these have a major impact on individuality.

10 Harmful Myths That Fuel Transgender Misinformation

At what point are we all just going to accept each other for who we are?

Marlon Wayans Opens Up About Supporting His Trans Son

“As a parent, I just want my kids to be free," the actor said.

Stevie Mathers, Eminem's Genderfluid Child, Hard Launches Their New Romance

This is the type of tea we love hearing!

10 Myths About Aromanticism Debunked

The more you know, the better.

What Does The '2S' Or 'Two-Spirit' Mean In The LGBTQIA2S+?

Get to know the "Two-Spirit" part of our rainbow family.