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Transforming childhood taunts to adult triumphs

Childhood taunts can shape our identity and influence how we navigate the world as adults. But why do these memories linger and impact us so deeply? Award-winning podcaster Tarek Ali shares his journey.

Celebrating Black trans joy during and beyond Pride Month

As Pride Month draws to a close, The Normal Anomaly Initiative's Joelle Bayaa-Uzuri Espeut writes that visibility and representation for Black transgender individuals must be celebrated and amplified beyond June.

Us the Duo's Carissa Rae Martin reclaims her coming out: “I am proud to be queer”

Carissa Rae Martin embracing her queer identity shows that we evolve and learn more about our true selves each day.

A quest to improve my mental health and find my breath

A mental health and recovery advocate revisits the obstacles faced along their path to better mental health.

Reclaiming lesbian: Why the label ISN'T problematic & we love saying it!

Two proud lesbians take on the most complicated debates around the L word and explain why they will never give it up.

What, exactly, is a stud lesbian?

And yes, "stud" and "butch" are different.

11 'Drag Race' stars who proudly identify as bi or pan

We're so grateful these queens get the conversation going.

5 times celebrities clapped back at biphobia & read the haters to FILTH

The "B" in the LGBT isn't going anywhere.

How TikTok helped me come out of my shell and into my identity as a trans woman

Jae Gurley shares her transformative journey on TikTok, from finding community and identity to embarking on a transition journey.

Raven-Symoné clarifies controversial comments that she's 'not an African American'

The queer former Disney star opened up on her podcast about comments she made in 2014.

15 cisgender privileges you may not realize you have

Understanding this is one step to being the best ally possible to transgender people.

New Gallup poll proves the future is queer! LGBTQ+ identification reaches new high

The youths are here, queer, and identifying that way!

40 queer black writers you need to read immediately

These voices need to be heard more.

Angelica Ross posts and deletes an update about her sexuality

Miss Ross loves to keep us on our toes.

10 places to meet LGBTQ+ friends online, because putting yourself out there can be hard

There’s nothing more affirming than having a group of LGBTQ+ friends.

10 Harmful Myths That Fuel Transgender Misinformation

At what point are we all just going to accept each other for who we are?

10 Ways You're Totally Wrong About Demisexuality

Let's address these myths, shall we?

10 Myths About Pansexuality We Need To Bust Immediately

So many misconceptions, so little time to address them all.

10 Myths About Aromanticism Debunked

The more you know, the better.

Wayne Brady Gets Candid About His Dating Life After Coming Out

"I'm not hiding anything now," Brady said in a new interview.