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kit connor

A New 'Heartstopper' Season 3 Character Has Been Revealed

The search for the perfect Michael Holden has ended!

10 Bisexual Celebrities You Have To Follow On Instagram & TikTok

Bisexual Awareness Week is popping off on the 'gram!

'Heartstopper's Kit Connor Gives Advice To Celebrities On Coming Out

The actor felt forced to label himself and come out after the first season of Heartstopper turned him into a global superstar.

Joe Locke Confirms His Sexuality For The First Time

People have long made assumptions about the Heartstopper star, but now he’s telling his truth.

'Heartstopper' Stars Share Hopes For Nick And Charlie's Future

Most teen romances don't last. Will this one?

'Heartstopper's Joe Locke On Which Season 2 Scene Became His New Fave

The teen star also opened up about the challenges the characters face and what we can expect with the new season.

Romance Blooms In Paris For Nick & Charlie In Heartstopper S2 Trailer

lus, love & coming out gets complicated for everyone in the City of Love.

Heartstopper's Kit Connor Bulked Up After Fans Criticized His Body

The star started working out at the gym after fans made him feel he wasn't "equipped" to play Nick on the hit Netflix show.

Kit Connor On His Coming Out Tweet & If He Has Regrets

The bisexual star of Heartstopper came out in response to accusations of “queerbaiting.”

Kit Connor’s Jacked Shirtless Pic Has Fans In A Frenzy

Talk about a heart-stopper!

Heatstopper's Alice Oseman On Fans Who Forced Kit Connor To Come Out

The creator isn’t holding back on the “fans” who pressured the young actor to publicly address his sexuality.

Isaac's Asexuality Will Be A Major Storyline On Heartstopper Season 2

Tobie Donovan’s character will play a larger role on Heartstopper season two.