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video games

Fortnite reveals Chromatica-themed Lady Gaga skins and we cannot contain our excitement

We knew this day would come eventually!

New report shows concerning lack of LGBTQ+ characters in video games

As queer gamers grow in numbers, representation needs to keep up.

Alex Jones' New Video Game Is Somehow Even More Unhinged Than You Could Have Imagined

We guess this is one way to follow up his Sandy Hook lawsuits.

10 Talented LGBTQ+ Twitch Streamers You Should Be Following

These Twitch streamers are making the platform more fun and a lot queerer!

Fan-Casting Queer Stars To Play Link In 'The Legend Of Zelda' Movie

This is a role for one of the talented twinks out there!

Meet 'Overwatch 2's First-Ever Nonbinary Character Set To 'Swashbuckle' Into Season 10

Get hyped — Venture is on their way!

Insomniac’s ‘Spider-Man 2’ Enters Its Bisexual Era With This Beloved Villian

Black Cat is officially out in the hit video game series and the Sapphics are cheering.

‘Fae Farm’ Is A Farming Sims That Harvests Both Inclusivity & Relaxing fun

A cozy farming simulator with queer rep at its core.

Final Fantasy 16 Finally Gives The Franchise’s Fans A Queer Love Story

A series first — and hopefully not last!

‘Final Fantasy 16’ Is A Return To The Glory Days Of This Beloved Series

Finally, a Final Fantasy for the ages.

Homophobic Tweet Leads 'Call Of Duty' Streamer To Lose Their Skin

"We are focused on celebrating Pride with our employees and community," the Call of Duty developer tweeted.

The Sims Introduces New Trans-Inclusive Options & We’re Cheering

The game has rolled out new top surgery scars, chest binders, and shapewear customizations.

Watch Keke Palmer Have A Hilarious Shady Fight On The Sims

“My homegirl looks like this and it’s because of you!”