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'The Last of Us' casts Catherine O'Hara in guest role & we are SEATED!

Whatever it is, we already know she's perfect for it.

Joel Kim Booster shocks Andy Cohen with a steamy threesome revelation on 'WWHL'

The Fire Island star surprised Cohen during a game of "Truth or Drink."

Madonna and Andy Cohen Face Off in Epic Roast Battle - Don't Miss It!

From one little Troublemaking Queen to another...

Watch Anderson Cooper Do A Spit Take When Gayle King Asks *This* NSFW Question About Andy Cohen

Gayle King is asking the questions on all of our minds!

Andy Cohen Takes The Stage To Dish On His Sex Life And His 'Daddy' Status

The Bravo host admitted he's a "take control kind of guy" in the bedroom.

Reba McEntire Innocently Asks Troye Sivan About Poppers & We're Cackling

All the gays were screaming when this moment happened on live TV.

Emma Roberts Had The Best Response To Rumors Lea Michele Can't Read

This joke may very well never die.

Theo James As George Michael? Adam Lambert Would Like A Word

Both the singer and Marcia Marcia Marcia speak out on the issue with this potential casting.

Watch Theo James Blush As He Describes Himself As A Lover

He also comments on those George Michael biography rumors...