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Maisie Williams Is Sashaying Her Way to the Drag Race UK Judges Table

Maisie Williams Is Sashaying Her Way to 'Drag Race UK' Judges Table

Maisie Williams Is Sashaying Her Way to 'Drag Race UK' Judges Table

Arya Stark?! On Drag Race?! This is the ultimate collision of two awesome fandoms!!


While the thought of Game of Thrones' resident badass Arya Stark making an appearance on RuPaul's Drag Race might sound like some crazy-awesome moment straight out of the gayest crossover fan-fiction ever, loyal viewers of both shows can rest assured that it is indeed, 100 percent happening IRL! 

Yup, the highly-anticipated UK edition of the popular, Emmy-winning reality competition is set to debut on BBC Three sometime later this year, and Maisie Williams, the actress who brought fan-fave Arya to life, has just been confirmed as one of the show's guest judges! 

"What I love the most about drag is the story of the drag queen behind the facade," Maisie said in a statement about loving drag and her upcoming guest judge spot. "I think that so much of drag comes from a place of real pain and seeing how that transforms into a character is so interesting to me. I love that about art and about drag." 

We can't wait to see Maisie in action alongside Mama Ru and Michelle Visage later this year! This is like our wildest fandom dreams are all coming true! 

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