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Gays share the anti-gay childhood memory that still haunts them & it’s SO relatable

Gays share the anti-gay childhood memory that still haunts them & it’s SO relatable

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Queer folks opened up about these painful moments and find community with one another, because we really are family.

Say what you will about X (formally Twitter) in the era of Elon Musk (and we have said plenty) one good thing is that it still creates a space for gays to commune, reminisce, and sometimes even commiserate.

One such thread that took off over the weekend fell firmly in the latter group. It seems the gay community on X is looking back at their earlier years to reflect on the controversial, homophobic behavior committed by their family members. With iconic memes of Rihanna and side-eye gifs of Mariah Carey, the gays are digging up skeletons in their mental closets that used to be painful, awkward memories.

Although, X is deemed a less censored space for queers to congregate and kiki — the gays will always unite to share a good laugh. (Because sometimes it’s laugh or cry!) On Saturday, X user @bigbacktivity started a thread by asking, “Gays: What’s something homophobic a loved one did when you were a child that has stayed with you as an adult?”

Since he posted it, this thread on X has amassed over 3 million views, as well as 1,200 likes and 2,800 retweets. Read carefully because the gays are pulling out their favorite saved memes and dusting off questionable coming-of-age stories.

Keep scrolling for some of the most interesting and relatable answers.

Many in the thread found the shared experiences, as painful as they are, to be healing.

@bigbacktivity These comments are super deep. Luckily some have healed from them and can even apply some humor in as well.

The truth is while there is a lot of queer joy to be had, there is pain too — pain that comes from outside forces sometimes intentionally and sometimes totally by accident. But when we come together we can lift one another up, and feel less alone.

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