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Quote of the Day: Evan Rachel Wood Raves Adorably Over Pal Ellen Page

Quote of the Day: Evan Rachel Wood Raves Adorably Over Pal Ellen Page

Quote of the Day: Evan Rachel Wood Raves Adorably Over Pal Ellen Page

How much longer do we have to wait for Into the Forest?


This week, Evan Rachel Wood chatted with Refinery29 about Chime for Change, confidence in the industry, upcoming projects, and one very special co-star. You should definitely read the entire article here, but we just have to take a moment to appreciate the loving words she had for her soon-to-be on-screen sister Ellen Page. The two have been filming Into the Forest, a film based on the novel of the same name about sisters struggling to survive after society as we know it collapses, but their bond isn't just an act. When asked what Ellen's like to work with, Evan raved:

"She’s absolutely wonderful. I loved every minute of filming. As intense as the movie is, we actually laughed a lot and had a really good time. She’s one of those people that can turn it on and off. It’s kind of scary how quickly she can do it — she’s literally laughing one second, and then the next she’s in character. Her whole face changes. She morphs into what she’s doing, and it’s really fun to watch."

Evan also went on to discuss the impact the film had on their relationship:

"We really took care of each other. We had to go to deep, vulnerable places in the film, and we were always there holding and hugging each other — like real sisters helping each other through the whole process. We got really close. We knew we were going to do the film a year before it was made, so we spent as much time as possible together so we could really bond and so the relationship was believable. She’s one of my closest friends now."

We couldn't be more thrilled about Into the Forest or this fateful casting decision, because Evan and Ellen's endlessly adorable friendship is easily one of our celebrity favorites. Case in point:



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