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12 Fictional Teachers We'll Never Stop Crushing On

12 Fictional Teachers We'll Never Stop Crushing On

12 Fictional Teachers We'll Never Stop Crushing On

We wouldn't complain about going back to school with these teachers waiting for us...


Those summertime back-to-school blues can be a pretty big bummer. It's time to say goodbye to the dog days and hello to long school days followed up by hours of stress, studying, and homework. But amidst the aggravation, there can be some totally awesome things to look forward to about the school year, including some passionate, dedicated teachers who are totally there for you. Now, we don't recommend you get too passionate about your actual teachers, but here are some that tugged at our heartstrings though the years and only remind us of just how beautiful the school year can be!


12. Sharon Norbury (Tina Fey) from Mean Girls

No coffee spill will ever be dealt with as memorably as Sharon Norbury's, the teacher who took her shirt off nearly immediately after arriving onscreen. Sharon suffered many a scandal, but nothing was more devastating than the fact she wasn't actually one of our teachers in real life. Even better, Tina Fey wrote the whole damn film, so we have her to thank for this mod-classic masterpiece. Our coffee cups are raised to you, Tina Fey.


11. Elizabeth Halsey (Cameron Diaz) in Bad Teacher

There's no really intellecutal explanation for the inclusion of Elizabeth on this list, but she was hot, awesome, and every student who never wanted to actually do work's dream. Of course, she ended up learning much more than her students did throughout the course of the film, which usually isn't how teachers work, but we'll forgive her for it.



10. Jess Day (Zooey Deschanel) from New Girl

Say what you will about Zooey Deschanel, but Jess Day is the school teacher we all wish we had. Quirky, bubbly, and upbeat, anyone who disappoints her as a student is probably just disappointing themselves. 


9. Storm (Halle Berry) from X-Men

If we had to deal with learning how to control our mutant superpowers, we'd want Storm to teach us. She's powerful, smart, and looks damn good when controlling the weather. What else could we possibly want?



8. Jenny Calendar (Robia LaMorte) from Buffy the Vampire Slayer

We totally get why Giles fell for Jenny Calendar, and the ultimate end of her arc made for the worst moment of an already terrible situation in season 2. In fact, every time we rewatch that season we hope Jenny will make it out okay and be happy with Giles for the rest of forever. We're always disappointed.


7. Katherine Ann Watson (Julia Roberts) from Mona Lisa Smile 

Julia Roberts stars as an art history professor at Wellesley in the buttoned-down environment of the 1950s. Need we say more? In this nod to the Maggie Smith starrer The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie Katherine inspires uptight Wellesely girls to embrace art and culture and to think beyond just graduating to find a husband and raise children. Art history and feminist ideals? We are so there. 



6. Minerva McGonagall (Maggie Smith) from Harry Potter

She's a badass witch teacher AND she can literally turn into a cat. If this isn't a dream come true, what is? 


5. Bette Porter (Jennifer Beals) from The L Word 

Dean Porter's stint as an art history prof (why is it always art history?) didn't last long when wildly perky and ambitious TA Nadia (a pre-Arizona Jessica Capshaw) came into the picture. Who could blame Nadia as Bette was never hotter than when she was spewing about surrealism and art theory? Bette eschewed Nadia's advances at first but she eventually caved and was subsequently fired for it. We do not recommend hooking up with one's students (even if it is J Cap), but we sure do love watching it. 



4. Maria (Julie Andrews) from Sound of Music

Okay, not technically a teacher, but the best governess basically ever. All we wanted to do after watching Sound of Music was follow a cute lady with a guitar into a field a learn to sing most anything. Julie also gets points for killing it as the very educational Mary Poppins too. Medicine ingestion? Singing scales? Consider Julie covering it all. And consider us in love.


3. Ms. Desjardin (Betty Buckley/Judy Greer) from Carrie

She just wanted Carrie to be happy, dammit! Not only did Ms. Desjardin (/Collins in the 1976 movie) teach Carrie self-love and acceptance, she also kept an eye out for her by brutally punishing every student that messed with her. Which ultimately led to the whole pig's blood fiasco, but hey, if the students hadn't been so deranged in their revenge plots, everything would have worked out just fine and Carrie might have had a really great year, all thanks to her gym teacher. Oh well.



2. Ms. Pomeroy (Drew Barrymore) in Donnie Darko

All she wanted was for her class to read TheDestructors but all she could do was yell expletives at the sky. Ms. Pomeroy was too good of an English teacher, and, of course, the one we wish we all had. Cellar door, Ms. Pomeroy. Cellar door. 


1. Miss Honey (Embeth Davidtz) from Matilda

There's not a human on earth who doesn't love Miss Honey. Even if you've never seen this movie or heard of Miss Honey, you're probably like, "I don't know her, but she sounds really lovely." And she totally is. And she totally saves Matilda's life and is perfect while doing so. Of all the teachers we wish we had, Miss Honey takes the cake. And she wouldn't make us eat it all, either.


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