Watch: 'Failing Upward's, Ep. 2: Thumbs Up

Watch: 'Failing Upward's, Ep. 2: Thumbs Up

From creators, Michelle C. Bonilla and Matt Crabtree, comes Failing Upwards, a web series for the time about “unemployment and the hilarity of finding a job, even if you have to  lie to get one.”

Bonilla appeared on ER as a paramedic for 12 years, as a Klingon  on Enterprise and has appeared in countless television shows including The Closer and Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior. She also wrote, produced and starred in the acclaimed lesbian-themed short Slip Away. Crabtree has appeared on Bones, NCIS, Grey's Anatomy, Greek and  Will & Grace to name a few.

Failing Upwards, “follows a group of four unlikely friends who find themselves going through unemployment, together.  Each of our characters, inept in their own special way, ends up surprising themselves, each other, and the audience with their ability to get the job done…WHATEVER it may be. 

Failing Upwards premiered on Labor Day and will run six 5 - 7 minute episodes for the first season. 

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