Relive the Magic of 'Liz and Dick' Via Tweets

Relive the Magic of 'Liz and Dick' Via Tweets

This Thanksgiving weekend brought with it the movie event of the decade, and we're not talking about Life of Pi, Lincoln or Les Miserables. Lifetime networks delivered the greatest gift to on-screen messes since Showgirls with the Lindsay Lohan starrer Liz and Dick, in which Lindsay unintentionally skewered one of Hollywood’s eternal national treasures - Elizabeth Taylor.

Sure, Twitter was on fire for the national election and typically for any awards show but it was Liz and Dick that brought out the most hilarious – if less than gentle—catty Tweeter in everyone. Destined to become a drinking game for the ages Liz and Dick is an instant classic. 

If you were one of the few smart folks who saved brain cells and skipped the beautiful disaster here’s Liz and Dick recapped with our friend Kimberly Eaton’s Tweets from last night. Even if you didn't watch you can almost feel the magic unfolding. 

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