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10 Times Jesse Williams' Tweets Woke Us Right Up

10 Times Jesse Williams' Tweets Woke Us Right Up

10 Times Jesse Williams' Tweets Woke Us Right Up

Happy birthday to Jesse Williams, who's never stopped spreading truth all around everywhere. 


Photo: Instagram (@iJesseWilliams)

Many of you likely know Jesse Williams as Dr. Jackson Avery on Grey's Anatomy (or perhaps Leo in Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2) but he's also a social justice MVP who's here to keep us as awake as possible. Literally. He's the executive producer of a documentary called Stay Awake: The Black Lives Matter Movement, the youngest member of the Board of Directors at the Advancement Project, and an executive producer on Question Bridge: Black Males, among many other achievements. He also gave this monumental speech at this year's BET Awards that you probably need to watch right now (if you haven't already):

But Jesse's brilliance isn't just limited to televised speeches and board memberships. He's a constant Twitter-spiration, and in honor of his birthday today, we're looking back on ten of his best Twitter moments that made us think, learn, and grow. Follow him now!

10. When he knew the importance of not engaging on social media:

9. When he was on a ball with "Melania Trump quotes," but this one was a stand-out:

8. When he shared an article on white privilege article that we should all probably read and discuss:

7. When he made these intense, bold, and very real observations on racism and police violence: 

6. When he turned 140 characters into a horrible truth about society:

5. And then he did it again:

4.When he called out law enforcement's treatement of Freddie Gray's homicide and the "All Lives Matter" movement:

3. When he saw right through everyone:

2. This once again scathing destruction of the unfair justice system:

1. When he summed up the power of a movement, and how one is made:

Thank you for your bold, powerful honesty, Jesse. We hope you have a happy birthday!

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