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Alex Newell made queer history when the openly gay actor took on the role of transgender teen Wade “Unique” Adams for a two-part episode during Glee's third season. The character was so loved by fans that Unique returned as a series regular for the show’s fourth season. During that season, Unique became an incredible voice on the New Directions choir. Ritchson has slayed both in character and out: the young actor flawlessly fired back at Bill O' Reilly's transphobic comments about the show during the actor's interview with Fusion magazine. Shortly after, Ritchson starred in the gay drama The Geography Club. Follow PRIDE for updates on the glamorous young star! 

Alex Newell And J. Harrison Ghee Make History At The Tony Awards

Newell and Ghee became the first out nonbinary performers to win the prestigious award.

WATCH: Meet Glee's Coach Sheldon Bieste

Tonight's episode of Glee sees McKinley's beloved football coach return — as his authentic self. Get a sneak preview in the exclusive clip below.

PHOTOS: Disney - The Happiest, Gayest Place on Earth

Disney really is the happiest place on earth during "Gay Days!"

Listen: Santana's Back Singing 'There Are Worse Things I Could Do' for 'Glee's' 'Grease' Episode

Call me old fashioned or just old but the new Glee cast is about exciting to me as waiting for that second coat of toenail polish to completely dry. So when I hear that Naya Rivera, who plays the fieriest lesbian cheerleader to ever walk the halls at McKinley High, is back for an episode, this showtune nerd definitely tunes in.

'Glee' Season 4 Premiere Re-Cap: Nevermind the 'New Rachel' - Where's the Old Santana?

The Season 4 premiere of Glee aired last night in their new Thursday night timeslot, and it appears that the writers of the show are doing their best to keep some graduates of McKinley High relevant, while introducing new talent that we could all grow to love.

Watch: Glee Season 4 Teaser Reveals Just About Nothing but We'll Take It!

It’s been a long summer for Gleeks, so when Ryan and Murphy and company throw a bone in the form of a 30-second teaser for the show’s fourth season that includes Kate Hudson torturing Lea Michele’s Rachel and Brittany firing off a trademark clueless comment, we’ll take it.

San Diego Pride in Photos

Thousands of people turned out for this weekend’s San Diego Pride, a three-day celebration that brought together Natasha Bedingfield, Sandra Bernhard, dozens of active-duty service members, and countless others for one of the largest pride events of the summer.