4 Gay AF Ways to Handle The Fact You’re Not Going Back to School

4 Gay AF Ways to Handle The Fact You’re Not Going Back to School
Zachary Zane

Are all your friends heading back to school right now? Are you seeing all the photos of them moving into their dorm room and saying how excited they are to start the new year? I remember my first year out of college, I was struggling HARD not to get depressed. I wanted to head back to college so badly. But then, I realized there are some (read: a lot) of perks of not being in college.

So here’s how to handle not heading back to college: The gay way.

1. Go to a gay bar

You are literally 21 years-old now (or older). You don’t have to go to frat parties or those awkward shindigs hosted by your college. You can go u a BAR. A club. A club that’s blasting Arianna and Beyoncé because you are a grown-ass human being.

2. Buy some heels

If you weren’t broke in college, then you were doing something wrong. Either you were focused on school work, so you didn’t have time to have a job, or you had a college campus job for 10 hours a week where you made $9.50 an hour. Either way, you were broke. Now though, you have a job (hopefully… maybe…) and you make money. Best part of making money is spending that money on shit you don’t need, like a big ol’ pair of heeeeels.

3. Go see a drag show

Most drag shows, (unfortunately) are for ages 21 and up. So take advantage. Grab your dollar bills, get out there, and support your local drag/queer community. There are so many disgustingly talented drag artists and performers in literally every damn city, so you have no excuse.

4. Hook up with a dude on Grindr

It’s like, why the hell not? In college, I wasn’t using Grindr. (It had also just come out and wasn’t as widely used as it is now.) I was also too nervous to meet up with a stranger. I believe my initial response when hearing about it were these exact words: "Who does that?" But now, I get it. I am who does that, so why the hell not??

Any other gay suggestions to get over the not-heading-back-to-college blues? Share them in the comments below!

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