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30 things every gay guy in college experiences at least once

Yes, we’ve all snuck out of a window or backdoor before…

7 Tips For Navigating High School When You're In The Closet

High school can be tough, especially when you're closeted, but these five things can make getting through it a little easier.

15 Awesome LGBTQ+ Movies About High School

These movies are awesome, even if high school wasn't.

12 Awesome LGBTQ+ Movies About High School

These movies are awesome, even if high school wasn't.

20 LGBTQ Books to Help You Start the School Year Off Right

Get a head start on the new school year with 20 classic LGBTQ books we recommend!

11 of the Best Colleges for Queer Women

There's definitely a place for queer women to be accepted and find their voice at any of these schools!

7 FOMO Thoughts Recent College Grads Have During Back-to-School Season

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5 Ways Teachers Can Make Class More LGBTQ-Friendly

An inclusive classroom is a better classroom—for every student.

What I Wish I Knew Before Kissing My First Man in College

You might not have that aha! moment...

5 Tips for College Students Who Want to Start Exploring

People always say "College is a time for exploration," but what does that even mean??

LGBTQ History Will Now Be Taught in Illinois Schools

"One of the best ways to overcome intolerance is through education and exposure to different people and viewpoints," Illinois state senator Heather Steans said. 

4 Gay AF Ways to Handle The Fact You’re Not Going Back to School

The first year out of college is a rough one, but here's how you can get over those not-going-back-to-college blues.

7 Things I Wish a Bi Guy Told Me Before I Started College

Don't make your coming out process any more difficult than it already is. 

Three Lucky LGBTQ Students Are About to Be $10,000 Richer

AT&T and HRC have launched a scholarship contest for LGBTQ students. 

GLSEN’s Latest Report Shows 'That’s So Gay' Hasn't Gone Away

Homophobic bullying remains a major problem in schools.

This High School Football Team Just Welcomed Its First Trans Player

Kennedy Cooley says his high school team treats him like a brother.

15 LGBT-Inclusive College Clubs Worth Joining

These college clubs provide the perfect opportunity to meet and bond with other people in the community.

5 Ways to Build Your LGBT Community After College

It’s just harder to meet other LGBT people after college.