14 High School Fantasies You Wish Came True (But Probably Never Did)

Alexander Kirk

High school is a crippling mix of hormones, crushes, secrets, and day dreams that all culminate in some of the most iconic fantasies you’ve ever imagined in that little brain of yours. Let’s be honest, we probably all had similar fantasies in high school. And let’s be even more honest—none of them probably, if ever, came true.

For those who actually accomplished some of these feats of catastrophic difficulty, you go gurl! For those of us that didn’t, let’s relive them all together, shall we? Here are 14 high school fantasies you wish came true.

1. Coming out of the closet and everyone instantly just being cool with it

2. Bringing a same-sex partner to prom

3. Then losing your virginity on prom night

4. Hell, getting your first same-sex kiss is a fantasy in and of itself in high school

5. The locker room/shower fantasy (…the BO really ruined this one)

6. Being partnered with the popular boy/girl in school and them subsequently falling in love with you, the school's token nerdy boy/girl

7. Being popular, period

8. Getting with the quarterback and/or the captain of the cheerleading squad (duh)

9. The extra credit teacher fantasy (only carry this one out in college folks, NOT high school)

10. Hoping sleepovers would turn into just a little bit more

11. Getting your straight friend drunk and hoping that their gay tendencies would come out

12. Getting drunk, making moves on same-sex friends, and then blaming it on the alcohol…and getting away with it

13. You probably thought you’d be a pop star in high school and/or you thought your favorite pop star was DEFINITELY going to fall in love with you

14. Your best same-sex friend coming out to you. And then you coming out to them. And then the two of you falling in love. And then you both going to college together. And then live happily ever after

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