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The 10-Step Emotional Roller Coaster That Is Watching Beyonce's 'Lemonade' Trailer

The 10-Step Emotional Roller Coaster That Is Watching Beyonce's 'Lemonade' Trailer

The 10-Step Emotional Roller Coaster That Is Watching Beyonce's 'Lemonade' Trailer

For many of us, Sunday began as a normal day. We woke up, brushed our teeth, watched some Netflix, procrastinted on doing our taxes (yet again) and thought nothing of it. Just your average Sunday, right?


Because, right when we were least expecting it, Beyonce showed up. And she showed up with a message. That message being a minute-long trailer that said no matter what, come this Saturday night, you will be on your couches stealing your Mom's HBO Go password to watch "Lemonade."

The mysterious "Lemonade" is being billed as an "exclusive world premiere event." What's being premiered is up for debate, but it is likely a new song or an announcement of a new album and an accompanying video experience. However, we can't know for sure.

The trailer and marketing surrounding it is all very mysterious, but one thing is for certain: watching it is an experience. It's a damn roller coaster. And the process goes a little something like this:

Step 1: Unsuspecting naivete

You open your Instagram and begin scrolling. Behold! A new post from Queen Bey herself.


Step 2: Excitement for anything Bey related

We're all excited when we get to see Beyonce. It doesn't matter the context, we're always happy when the Queen makes an appearance.

You press play like:


Step 3: What is happening?

The music. The dramatic lighting. The fabulous fur coat. What did we sign up for here?

not sure

Step 4: Am I scared? Because I feel like I might be a bit scared?

Flickering light bulbs, a fabulously creepy shot of Beyonce in a white dress, and music that seems strangely American Horror Story-esque?

I'm not creeped out. You're creeped out.


Step 5: Can't. Look. Away.

Right around the time Winnie Harlow shows up looking hauntingly gorgeous, you begin to lose the ability to focus on anything else.


Step 6: Mystification

I don't know what I'm watching. But I don't care because whatever it is, it's beautiful.


Step 7: Shock

What is this? Who am I? Who are you? Who is anyone? 


Step 8: Not knowing exactly how you feel

All you know is that you're feeling a lot. Which is probably exactly what Bey was going for, right?

feeling a lot

Step 9: Trying to be strong

But then you realize that waiting until Saturday is going to be truly terrible. What day is it? Only Tuesday? That can't be right.

Oh, well. Be strong. Pull yourself together.

trying to be strong

Step 10: Realizing, once again, that Beyonce is like no one else

We don't call her "Queen" for nothing. It's a title she's more than earned.


The trailer can be viewed down below. "Lemonade" premieres Saturday night at 9PM ET/6PM PT.

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