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11 Bisexual Girl Problems

11 Bisexual Girl Problems

11 Bisexual Girl Problems

People say you have to make a choice, but you just don't see sexuality as simply being in or out.


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1. When you get called a “college lesbian.”



2. When every guy on every dating site ever asks for a threesome.


3. When lesbians say they won’t date you because you’ve been with men.



4. When you and your boyfriend check out hot girls together.



5. When you get asked if you’re a “non practicing” bisexual.



6. When you have to explain for the thousandth time to lesbian friends that you’re not gay.


7. Being considered a cheater because of your preference for both men and women.



8. Being told to "pick a side" by people who tell you they are "confused" about your sexuality.



9. Getting blank stares when you refer to different exes with different pronouns.


10. When you just can't deal with men or women because dating is awful in general.



11.  Having to remind people that you’re bi every time you have a new partner.



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