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Cara Delevingne Teaches You How to Deal With Rude People

Cara Delevingne Teaches You How to Deal With Rude People

Cara Delevingne Teaches You How to Deal With Rude People

Cara Delevingne is having a crazy week. As if the news that she may be on the legendary Kate Moss’ friendship black list after reportedly having a spat with the iconic Naomi Campbell wasn’t enough, the openly bisexual model-turned-actress extraordinaire had to go through what was probably one of the rudest, most excruciatingly awkward interviews ever to air on live television.

As part of the press tour to promote her new movie Paper Towns (the adaptation of John Green’s hit YA novel also starring Nat Wolff), Cara made a TV appearance via satellite on the local morning news show Good Morning Sacramento. Sounds like standard procedure for any celeb, espesh when they’re doing promo for a new film, right? Wrong.

The interview started off on an uncomfortable note when the hosts noticed how sarcastic and unenthused she was being with their condescending questions. But after a few minutes in, the talk took a complete left turn when she was actually called out by the hosts for being “a bit irritated,” and told to “take a nap.”

The whole thing is the literal definition of a trainwreck, and despite how badly we feel about how Cara was treated, we can’t help but watch it. Who knew broadcasters could be so crass? Cara, though, isn’t one to keep quiet and not have the last word. She took to Twitter to defend herself (as she should) and we were absolutely here for it.

A lot of other Twitter users also rushed to defend Queen Delevingne from the complete awfulness of the morning talk show hosts of Good Morning Sacramento.

Word to the wise (and those Good Morning Sacramento anchors): don’t be condescending to people if they are blessing you with an interview. Especially Cara.

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