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'Lost Girl' Episode 1.4 Re-Cap: Faetal Attraction

'Lost Girl' Episode 1.4 Re-Cap: Faetal Attraction

In Lost Girl's latest episode the sexiness continues with Bo (Anna Silk) and Dyson trying to deal with their breakup with the help of their best buddies Kenzi (Ksenia Solo) and Hale (K.C. Collins), Bo finds herself having her very first Succubus threesome with a Fury and her husband. Plus, there’s some flirting between Bo and the beautiful and adorable human doctor Lauren (Zoie Palmer) at the Dal. Finally, Ash reappears to warn Bo of her actions.

In Lost Girl’s latest episode the sexiness continues with Bo (Anna Silk) and Dyson trying to handle and deal with their breakup with the help of their best buddies Kenzi (Ksenia Solo) and Hale (K.C. Collins), Bo finds herself having her very first Succubus threesome with a Fury and her husband. The Fury then tries to hire Bo to kill a human that she believes is having a relationship with her husband behind her back. Bo refuses and that’s when the problems really get under way. Plus, there’s some flirting between Bo and the beautiful and adorable human doctor Lauren (Zoie Palmer) at the Dal. Finally, Ash reappears to warn Bo of her actions.

The episode begins with and action shot of Bo and Kenzi running away from a house as Dyson pulls up in a car. They tell him to stay back, and suddenly there is an explosion that destroys the house and showers the three of them with blackened human skulls. Dyson asks what has happened and Bo drily replies that some people can't handle rejection.

The show flashbacks to Bo and Kenzi in their apartment. Bo is asleep and Kenzi is eating a popsicleand poking at Bo, who is sleeping. She wants Bo to give her all the details about what’s going on with Dyson. Kenzi doesn’t’ hold back, using the popsicle in several different ways, including Bo's ear, to entice Bo to admit that she's suffering because Dyson rejected her. It’s the first time that Bo has been rejected by anyone apparently. Bo admits that she found him with another woman. Friends are there to pick you up when you down, so Kenzi says she’s taking Bo out for some fun to help her get her mind off of Dyson.

Meanwhile, at the police station, Dyson is also having a bad dayas he’s just dislocated a criminal’s shoulder. It's obvious that he is distracted by something, is it Bo? Even Hale can see that. Hale wants to know what’s wrong but Dyson just walks out of the station.

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Next we find Kenzi and Bo in the middle of a field, Bo taking out all her frustrations on a wrecked car by beating it with a crow bar. Kenzi tells her to picture Dyson’s face as she swings away. While that helps Bo's mood a little bit, they decide that they need to go to the Fae bar and get good and drunk together.

Back at the station, Dyson’s tells him that the crook with the dislocated shoulder not only got out of the charges against him but that he’s threatened to sue the department. Worse than that Dyson has to get a phych eval.

Hale enters and demands that Dyson tell him what’s going on. Dyson admits he’s overworked with both the human and Fae worlds, alluding to his tryst with Bo. Hale catches on that Dyson and Bo had a fling and suggests they get a drink.

Back at the Fae bar, Bo and Kenzi are tipsy and tipsier, and giggling like school girls before the human doctor Lauren appears.

A looser than usual Bo –thanks to the booze – has Bo flirting wildy with the good doc. But Lauren is not entirely into it, well, not into the drunk flirting anyway. She tells Bo that she wouldn't want to be on the receiving end of a drunken Succubus booty call and that she disapproves of her heavy drinking. Lauren exits telling Kenzi to take care of Bo. Kenzi comes to the opinion that the doctor has a thing for Bo, and yeah, it’s pretty obvious. Bo launches into a speech about how she can’t sleep with Lauren because she human and she’ll perish (but keep your eyes peeled on this romance - we haven’t seen the last of Lauren).

Moments later, a guy named Samir walks up to Bo and introduces himself, letting Bo know that he and his wife Olivia would love to have her over for a drink. We never find out exactly what kind of Fae Samir is, however, we soon find out that Olivia is a Fury. Initially Bo declines but Kenzi reminds Bo that rebound sex is always good to get over someone. Bo takes in Kenzi’s drunken advice and approaches Samir and Olivia for some action. The three of them, with Kenzi in tow, leave the Dal. It isn’t long before the menage is underway and Kenzi is downstairs trying to eat amidst the screaming and moaning and dust falling from the ceiling into her food.

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We find the threesome in Bo's bedroom and, for the first time, we get a fair idea that sex between a Succubus and more Faes is rather interesting and entertaining. Alone and under the fall-out from a Fae threeway Kenzi decides the best thing to do is open a bottle and get drink up.

The following morning Bo wakes up alone in bed. She and a very hungover Kenzi enjoy a post-coital – not Kenzi’s - breakfast together until there’s a knock on the door.

It’s Olivia at the door, and she’s claiming she hasn’t left yet because Bo wore her out. Olivia says she wants to hire Bo to kill a human named Jenny but Bo saysshe doesn’t kill people. Olivia will not take no for answer however. Bo says Kenzi that they have a problem, and rather than help Olivia they decide to protect Jenny.

Olivia is waiting for Jenny at her home, but thankfully Bo arrives and a scene ensues. Jenny is knocked unconscious and Olivia threatens Bo, saying she should have never messed with a Fury. Olivia burns Bo’s eyes but Bo grabs a toaster to force Olivia to look at her own reflection. Olivia becomes blinded and Bo gets Olivia the heck out of there.

Back at Bo’s place Bo informs Jenny that Olivia had placed a hit on her. It appers that Jenny has had a flirtation with Samir and Kenzi says it’s possible that Samir was leading her on.

Meanwhile, a reluctant and beligerant Dyson meets with the psychologist, telling her that she’s the one who needs a shrink. She fires back accusing Dyson of over compensating for his grief over losing someone.

Bo arrives at Olivia and Samir’s house as Olivia runs out of the house covered in blood. Bo walks in to Samir had been beheaded, and immediately calls Kenzi to tell her to be on guard. Bo arrives back at her apartment and gives Jenny the news. Jenny cries hysterically until Bo touches her to calm her down.

Dyson arrives at the scene of Samir’s headless body and wonders where the head is. Looking around the place Dyson realizes Bo has been there. Bo explains that Olivia left the house covered in blood and admits that she “knew” the couple. When Dyson asks why she took the couple home she throws a barb at Dyson saying her last partner couldn’t satisfy her. Dyson tells her to be more careful .

Dyson and Hale find Olivia at her sister’s but she won’t come out, but Hale, who is a siren is able to extract Olivia from her home.

At the apartment Kenzi finds Jenny wearing Bo’s lingerie.

Realizing that Jenny is infatuated with Bo, Bo asks Kenzi to let Jenny down easy for her. Meanwhile, Bo pays a visit to Lauren who is with Olivia on her deathbed. Olivia dies.

Kenzi takes Jenny to pizza but Jenny is only interested in knowing everything there is to know about Bo. Suspicious, Kenzi later searches through Jenny’s bag to find Samir’s head. Jenny comes up behind Kenzi, knocks her out with a bottle and grabs Samir’s head.

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Bo arrives at the apartment and gets a call from Dyson. He tells her that Olivia was not the killer and that Jenny has a criminal record for stalking people. Apparently Samir had been stalked but the Fae did nothing. Bo gets home to rose petals leading to the top of the stairs and a note from Jenny stating that she has Kenzi.

Jenny’s got Kenzi tied up at her house and she’s threatening to kill her but Samir’s head rolls in and Bo is right behind it. Using her powers of persuasion Bo tells Jenny she wants to be with her.

At the same moment, Kenzi is trying to get free. Jenny reveals her collection of skulls of the men that rejected her. She shows that she made a homemade bomb and that they are going to be able to be together forever. Just then, Olivia’s Fury sisters arrive ready to burn out everyone’s minds in the room. Bo fights them off, ultimately winning by spraying hairspray in their eyes. The Fury collapse and Bo and Kenzi escape. They run out of the home and Dyson pulls up. The explosion happens and this where the episode began.

Later at the bar, Kenzi asks if she is clingy like Jenny, but Bo says no, that Kenzi makes her want to be a better Fae.

Bo walks over to Dyson and talks to him about their relationship. They could still have sex which they come to define as being friends with benefits. Their talk ends with Bo asking Dyson if he wants to get friendly at her place or his. Dyson likes the idea.

The episode ends with Dyson back in the psychiatrist's office for his session; he admits that there is this woman in his life.

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