Watch: Dani Shay Sings New Song 'Girl or Boy'

Watch: Dani Shay Sings New Song 'Girl or Boy'

Singer/song writer, Internet sensation, and contestant on America’s Got Talent and The Glee Project, (frequently referred to as “Justin Bieber Look-Alike) Dani Shay has a song she posted on YouTube  recently. She wrote the song, “Girl or Boy,” in response to one of the most common questions people ask her: “Are you a #GirlOrBoy?”

Dani is a contemporary performer with an independent attitude who likes to mix up her acts by including comedy, rap and audience participation. She has been performing since she won second place at her first talent competition in fifth grade. She taught herself how to play guitar and write songs at 16 years old, and has written and independently released four albums and two singles since then. The fact that Dani happens to look a little like Justin Bieber helped her become an Internet sensation and grow her fan base online.

In a recent video interview for The Glee Project, prior to being booted from the show last week, Dani talked about growing up with two girly sisters, always being the tomboy who hung out with the boys, wore boys' shorts and "always liked to flirt a little bit with girls, and be charming with them." 

Listen to her new song, “Girl or Boy” below:

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