Watch: 'The Real L Word' Episode 3.4 Sneak Peeks

Watch: 'The Real L Word' Episode 3.4 Sneak Peeks

The fourth episode in Season 3 of the dramatic-as-usual Showtime reality series The Real L Word airs tomorrow night, and we have two “Sneak Peek” videos for your viewing pleasure.

For those of you who may have been living under a rock for the past three weeks, this season of TRLW has an “East coast v West coast” rivalry theme with half the cast based our of Brooklyn, NY and the other half (mostly returning favorites from previous seasons) are out of Los Angeles, CA.

In the next episode, Whitney and fiancée Sara prepare to inform Sara’s mother about their engagement…

… And there are some changes brewing in Romi’s love life (which has not been very lady-loving friendly as of late).

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