New Web Rockumentary 'LIPS' Follows Lesbian Rock Duo

New Web Rockumentary 'LIPS' Follows Lesbian Rock Duo

Not everyone is destined for stardom. Some make a career out of mediocrity.

Such is the premise of LIPS, a new Web sitcom “rockumentary” about a lesbian rock duo of the same name that’s been around the block for a while but never switched into the fast lane.

Written and directed by Flo Vinger, the show, which debuted online on Wednesday, is a farcical interpretation of rags-to-riches rock bands, complete with groupies and exclusive behind-the-scenes glimpses of the making of the band that are priceless – if only because the duo hasn’t struck it rich.

Spouting off in a fake British accent, London is the not-so-deceptively named lead singer of the motley crew, while Argentinian-born Didi takes care of the instrumentals.

Fiona, the band’s manager and barista, helps land them the odd gig or two, taking them with impossibly tiny baby steps toward their ultimate goal: the main stage at Dinah Shore Weekend, the extravagant, paradisiacal destination for lesbians in Las Vegas.

Documented by their No. 1 fan and unremarkable filmmaker Bubba, who’s been in love with London since second grade, the show captures the random, fumbling missteps of Hollywood hopefuls who have a lot of heart but no idea what they’re doing.

A new episode will air at every Wednesday. Check out the first episode below:

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