Watch: Jane Lynch and Sarah Paulson 'Join A is For' Campaign for Women's Autonomy etc...

Watch: Jane Lynch and Sarah Paulson 'Join A is For' Campaign for Women's Autonomy etc...
Tracy E. Gilchrist

Out actresses Jane Lynch and Sarah Paulson lend their voices to the campaign A is For in support of taking back the meaning of The Scarlet Letter and empowering women to stand up for their right to choose what’s best for their bodies, After Ellen reported. 

In a series of videos luminaries and celebrities including Martha Plimpton, Michelle Hurd and Jesse Tyler Ferguson.

“The scarlet letter “A” is an instantly recognizable symbol of excoriation and shame,” according to the “About” section of the A is For website. “A is For is a campaign challenging the traditional meaning of the scarlet letter by encouraging women, and the men who support them, to wear the A proudly. We are taking back the A by re-appropriating its meaning to one of dignity, defiance, and autonomy.”

The site goes on to explain the genesis of the campaign. “We take our inspiration from Nathaniel Hawthorne’s fictional heroine of 17th century Puritan Boston, Hester Prynne, a woman branded by her fellows for daring to live a life according to her own conscience,” the site explains. “We are refusing to be shamed into silence.”

For her video American Horror Story’s Paulson chooses the word Autonomy. “To be autonomous is to be a law to one’s self, to be one’s own person, to not allow anyone to impose their views, their beliefs, on to your in front of your own beliefs and views,” Paulson says.  “The very idea that the government should be or could be a voice louder than my own in a conversation that I am having with myself about my body and my rights, to me, is absurd.”

Meanwhile, Glee star Lynch chooses to claim the word Adamant. A is for adamant. We must be adamant in our stance as women with regards to our health and our bodies. My body is my business,” Lynch says. “I will always be adamant about my right to choose what’s right for me and my body, and I will always adamantly fight for you, my sister’s right, to make your own choice.”

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