Watch: Does a Brittany and Sam Hook-Up on 'Glee' Hail the Official End to Brittana?

Watch: Does a Brittany and Sam Hook-Up on 'Glee' Hail the Official End to Brittana?
Tracy E. Gilchrist

It’s never easy when a favorite couple breaks up. Can they be in the same room? Do we form teams a la Team Jen and Team Brad back in the day? What happens if we hate their new boyfriend / girlfriend? Well, the same goes for when TV couples break up. And for Gleeks who ship Brittany (Heather Morris) and Santana (Naya Rivera) and are hoping they’ll get back together, tonight’s episode of Glee could be a rough one. But for those who feel bad for lonely Brittany, it could be a good night as it appears she finds romance with...


--Sam (Chord Overstreet). You’ll recall that before Santana came out as a full-on lady-lover she had more of her fair share of hook-ups and trysts with the fellas, and that includes Sam, whom she not so lovingly dubbed Trouty Mouth. Through the years Brittany and Sam have been each other’s “dumb blond” counterparts, and in the wake of the big Brittana break-up earlier this season they’ve grown even closer until the point where the promo for tonight’s episode entitled “Swan Song” has them in a lip lock at Brit’s locker.

Scour the web for more spoilers as to how long Brittany and Sam -- already dubbed Bram on Tumblr pages--will last, and you won’t find them. Just know that Brittana fans may need to move on to the final stage of grief and find acceptance that they’re over.

What do you think about the Brittany and Sam hook-up? Will it last or are Brittany and Santana each other's lobsters? 

Here’s the promo:

Here’s Brittany and Sam singing “Something Stupid.” 


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