Exclusive Video: De'Borah Performs Original Song, 'Ambition'

Exclusive Video: De'Borah Performs Original Song, 'Ambition'
Sunnivie Brydum

We know you've missed our favorite contestant — and the only out competitor — on the most recent season of NBC's The Voice, since De'Borah Gardner was voted off last November

That's why we're happy to release a SheWired exclusive video of De'Borah back in action, performing an original song called "Ambition," that speaks especially to LGBT youth who are feeling downtrodden, reminding them that their drive to succeed will help them "make it out to be successful."

"Ambition" was one of three songs De'Borah performed Friday night in San Diego at the Supporting Students, Saving Lives conference for educators focusing on LGBTQIA youth, presented by San Diego State University's Center for Excellence in School Counseling and Leadership

"Even the wise need wisdom," De'Borah tells SheWired. "It's never too late to be educated by something unknown. We may not change every negative situation, but together we can limit its visibility! Much love to CESCaL for going against the grain for our youth!"

De'Borah was the headliner for Friday night's opening celebration, which included honorees George Takei, Thomas Roberts, and Betty DeGeneres, who all accepted awards for their work to make schools — and society — safer and more accepting for LGBTQ young people. 

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