How Did The Offensive 'Miserable Lesbians' Clean Up at The Toscars?

How Did The Offensive 'Miserable Lesbians' Clean Up at The Toscars?

Sunday's sixth annual sarcastic parody of the Academy Awards, known as the Toscars, was a night full of comedy and snark, but after watching the winningest video, we aren't laughing.

A short film lambasting the holiday blockbuster Les Miserables titled Miserable Lesbians cleaned up at the awards, winning eight gold Toscar awards, including Best Toscar Film, People's Pick, Best Whactress, Best Supporting Whactress, Best Supporting Whactor, Best Threads, and Best Scribbler and Best Director for writer/director Sandro Monetti. 

The video is not embeddable, but you can watch the short film in its entirety right here

While we understand and appreciate that the Toscars are a tongue-in-cheek send-up of Hollywood's self-congratulatory awards season, Miserable Lesbians goes beyond good-natured parody into downright unfunny, reductive stereotypes. 

The main character, Ann Muffaway (played by Leah Allers), is imprisoned for being a rowdy lesbian, prompting her to launch into a riff of Anne Hathaway's emotional "I Dreamed a Dream." But against a wall plastered with lesbian icons like Ellen DeGeneres, Rosie O'Donnell, and Jane Lynch, Muffaway dreams of "open thighs, when girls were wet and so more willing," eventually asking, "will carpet munchers come at night, and see my bush all trim and tidy?" 

Don't most lesbians you know frequently worry about how "trim and tidy" they keep their pubic hair? It's not like an obsession with a bare, pre-pubescent pubic area tends to be the preoccupation of way too many straight dudes or anything. Nope. It's all us lady-lovers can think about. Duh. 

The knock-out punch comes when Muffaway openly hopes that "A big dyke will do me."

Because, obviously, lesbians are nothing more than the sex we have. And throwing out epithets in a script written by a straight man is totally OK if it's for the sake of comedy, right? But shouldn't that comedy actually be, well, funny?

The Toscars judges included The L Word and True Blood actress Janina Gavankar, out actors Bruce Vilanch and Rex Lee, Eric Roberts, and Walt Becker. 

And while we do understand that Miserable Lesbians is intended to be a parody, and per Toscars rules was made on a microscopic $250 budget, we're disappointed in the low-brow fetishizing that nearly the entire film relies on.

Although we do agree heartily with Miserable's skewering of Russell Crowe's tone-deaf, flat performance in Les Miserables

Watch the short film here, and let us know what you think in the comments. Are we over-reacting? Did you find the parody funny?

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