Jenna Wolfe (Rock-Paper) Scissored With Partner to Decide Who Got Pregnant

Jenna Wolfe (Rock-Paper) Scissored With Partner to Decide Who Got Pregnant
Sunnivie Brydum

Today weekend anchor Jenna Wolfe made a splash earlier this week when she announcedthat she and her girlfriend, fellow NBC reporter Stephanie Gosk, are expecting their first child.

In a new interview with E!'s Alicia Quarels, Wolfe shares additional details about her family planning process, but opted to keep the identity of her sperm donor under wraps.

Clearing up some lingering rumors about the identity of her baby's biological father, Wolfe confirmed that neither of her fellow Today anchors Lester Holt or Matt Lauer provided the sperm for her and her partner's forthcoming daughter.

"Stephanie and I are the parents," Wolfe told E! News.

When asked how Wolfe and Gosk decided which one of them would carry the baby, Wolfe offered a no-nonsense strategy:

"We rock-paper-scissored it," said Wolfe. "I won 34-31, so I'm carrying the baby, bam!"

Quarels also asked Wolfe about her previous statements that she wouldn't want to bring a child into a world that would ostracize that baby for having two gay parents.

"I think if you're not who you are, you're going to have a hard time explaining to your kid why it's OK to wake up every day and walk out into the world proud of who they are," said Wolfe. "We have got nothing but positive feedback."

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