10 Lesbian-Approved Summer Movies - Part 1

10 Lesbian-Approved Summer Movies - Part 1
Tracy E. Gilchrist

Summer popcorn flicks and thoughtful lesbian-themed cinema don't typically collide, When it comes to lesbians -- or women in general for that matter -- seeking representation on the big screen, the summer blockbuster season is fairly slim pickings next to the testosterone-laden superhero scenario on endless redux and the paean to the poor shlubby guy who always gets the hot girl comedies that apparently never get old in Hollywood. 

So what's a girl to do on an impossibly humid 90-degree summer day when she's craving popcorn and arctic temps in a darkened theater?  We’ve compiled a list of summer movies that feature strong female characters, respected actresses, and documentaries and features about or directed by women. Be sure to look for separate coverage of LGBT film festivals, and be sure to check back for part two of our summer movie guide come July.

Get your Swedish Fish and tub o' corn and settle in! 

May 10: 

The Great Gatsby

Is there anyone who's not excited about Baz Luhrmann's post-modern, big-screen version of F. Scott Fitzgerald's classic of the American Dream gone awry? Leonardo DiCaprio stars as Jay Gatsby while the ethereal Carey Mulligan takes on his love interest Daisy Buchanan. Relative newcomer Elizabeth Debicki dons Jordan Baker's golf pro togs while Isla Fisher plays dim-witted social climber Myrtle Wilson. 


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