The Trials and Tribulations of Callie and Arizona - A Definitive Timeline

The Trials and Tribulations of Callie and Arizona - A Definitive Timeline

The Grey’s Anatomy season 9 finale behind us and fans of TV’s most adorable lady doc couple, Callie (Sara Ramirez) & Arizona (Jessica Capshaw), are no longer waiting with bated breath for word as to whether or not Arizona will come clean with her wife Callie about hooking up with hot-shot new craniofacial specialist Lauren (Hilarie Burton). 

Callie and Arizona have survived Africa, a baby, car crashes, plane crashes, lost limbs and a musical episode, but will they weather infidelity? 

We decided to take a look at the Trials and Tribulations of Callie and Arizona - a highly dramatic gay lady saga that we wouldn't have any other way! 

Warning if you haven't watched the season 9 finale. There are SPOILERS down at the end. 

Back in the beginning Callie and Arizona notice each other and begin to flirt.  Callie, afraid she'll end up alone and celibate after her first lady friend Erica Hahn (Brooke Smith) headed for the hills, needs a little perking up. And Arizona is just the adorable lesbian peds doc to do it -- in the nasty bathroom of the Emerald Bar no less. 

Paging Dr. Robbins... 

And just like that Callie is no longer sad. 

Callie works up the nerve to ask Arizona out, and though flattered, Arizona declines as it’s only Callie’s second time at this particular rodeo. 

Emboldened by Arizona's kiss Callie returns to the scene of the crime to convice Dr. Robbins that she's missing out, but the timing is not so good. 

Callie finally proves that she's not just experimenting with the ladies and Arizona admits that she doesn’t always make the best decisions under pressure, so they get together. And then they DANCE! 

And that makes work a whole lot more fun! 

Later, Callie introduces Arizona to her uber-Catholic dad (Hector Elizondo), and it does not go well. 

He threatens to cut Callie off if she doesn't end it and leave Seattle STAT, which makes Callie fume in Spanish. And it's hot. 

But Arizona fixes everything with Callie's dad, which makes Callie adore her even more. 

They say the "L-word" and it's beautiful and funny. 

UNTIL….Callie wants to have a baby and Arizona avoids the baby talk by changing the subject... 

Pound cake does not make things better and then they have Break up #1 and Near Death Incident #1.  They agree it’s best to break up because of the kid issue.  But then, a shooter opens fire in the hospital and they come to face to face with the killer. Callie risks her life for Arizona and their young patient. 

That's when they realize they can't live without each other, and this happens. 

And then there's Africa... Arizona accepts the prestigious Carter Madison Grant to practice medicine in Africa. Callie decides to join her and they say good bye to Seattle Grace.

However, they break up in the airport on the way to the gate in an epic moment of public dyke drama. Arizona leaves for Africa and... 

Callie is clearly heartbroken. 

She turns to this. 

And THIS! 

But realizing that no one leaves Sara Ramirez (we man Callie Torres), Arizona shows up to beg Callie back. 

But Callie does this instead. 

Arizona is a badger though, and she's not about to give up. She keeps persisting until Callie drops this bomb. 


Arizona, completely in love with Callie, cries a lot but then agrees to raise the baby as a family with Callie and Mark. 

On the especially bright side, Callie's OB/GYN is super cute! 

And super cute OB/GYN finds the baby's heartbeat for the first time! 

Things chug along okay until Callie surprises Arizona with a weekend away at a Bed & Breakfast and Callie can't seem to stop texting Mark. 

Arizona makes a bold move. 

And they have Near Death Incident #2! 

And a musical episode!! 

It turns out a musical episode is a total panacea and Callie and wee baby Sofia survive. And this happens. 


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