SPOILERS: 'Grey's Anatomy' Season 9 Finale Has Callie and Arizona Headed for Heartbreak?

SPOILERS: 'Grey's Anatomy' Season 9 Finale Has Callie and Arizona Headed for Heartbreak?

If you have not seen the finale these are SPOILERS!!!



The Grey’s Anatomy season 9 finale aired on Thursday night and sadly, the storyline featured TV’s most beloved lady doc couple heading for splitsville. 

During the episode, Callie (Sara Ramirez) discovered her wife’s infidelity, and as a result, the pair found themselves at a crossroads, with Arizona (Jessica Capshaw) losing more than just her leg this season. 

Capshaw was recently interviewed by The Hollywood Reporter (THR), where she discussed her character’s heartbreaking betrayal and the possible reasons for it. 

"We can make bad choice and turn around and do better," the actress told THRof Arizona's infidelity and confession. “I think you can do something bad and it doesn't make you a bad person. We are not defined by any one choice. I do think that with any kind of infidelity, on some level -- unless you're dealing with a sociopath -- there's always a reason. There will be an exploration of what that reason was and that will give the Grey's writers fertile ground to play with next season.”

Avid fans suspected the possible motive for Arizona’s cheating, and the character confirmed that she still has not forgiven Callie for her failure to save Arizona’s leg, after the season 8 finale plane crash that claimed the lives of fellow surgeons Mark Sloan (Eric Dane) and Lexie Grey (Chyler Leigh). 

“To Arizona in that moment of trust she looked at her wife and said, "I need you to promise me something [to save her leg]," and her wife looked back at her and said, "I promise you." And then Callie didn't (or couldn’t) do it, and for that, Arizona can’t forgive Callie.

So cheated with Lauren (Hilarie Burton) in a  you broke a promise, so I’m going to break my vow kind of move.

“There was a lot of holding on to everything just to get through every day to be alive in this new body,” Capshaw told THR.  “By the time she gets to a good place and feels like things moving and working again, here comes this hot stranger who looks at her as an object of affection and Arizona just lets go. She's been holding on so tightly for so long that this is the moment where she's just not thinking straight and lets go.”

You can read the entire interview here. 

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