5 Reasons You Should Watch (or Re-Watch) Veronica Mars Now That the Movie Is Out!

You may have heard a little tale earlier this year about a small Kickstarter for an old TV show. Okay, so maybe the creator and fan-based platform to fund and produce a new movie to tie up loose ends on the addicting TV show Veronica Mars broke almost every record for Kickstarter and was a huge success. The series, which has achieved cult status since it ended its three-season run in 2007 starred the smart and adorable Kristen Bell as a teenaged detective navigating high school hell. But why should you spend your precious time catching up on this little show that could?

Here are five reasons you should catch up on this outstanding show now that the movie is out! 

1. Everyone Loves a Good Murder

It may seem brutal to say, but there is a reason that Law and Order ran for 20 years and that two of its five spin-offs are still running: people like playing along to help solve a mystery. And if that mystery happens to include murder and intrigue, well, even better. There are overarching murder cases in all three seasons of Veronica Mars – for which, of course, Veronica herself is the intrepid modern-day Nancy Drew battling against incompetent town sheriff Don Lamb (Michael Muhney) to solve the cases.


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