WATCH: New Lesbian-Themed Web Series 'Kelsey' Ep. 1.5 - Blabbering Blind Date

WATCH: New Lesbian-Themed Web Series 'Kelsey' Ep. 1.5 - Blabbering Blind Date

Finally, there's a web series to make us forget we're staring at a computer and not something way cooler like the TV. Kelsey, now on Blip.TV, is just as funny and maybe twice as smart as anything airing on primetime. And for a bonus, viewers get to see an up-and-coming star, not a falling one (no offense Robin Williams, Sean Hayes, Michael J. Fox, and entire cast of Big Bang Theory).

With Kelsey we're dealing with a strange new and worthwhile comedy starring Nichole Yannetty, Sharina Martin, Brennan Taylor, and Daniel K. Isaac from Congested Cat Productions. The hilarious lesbian-themed (but not overstated) series features Kelsey (Yannetty) as a talkative, humorous, self-deprecating, and newly single (just dumped, rather) woman looking for love and wanting to feel whole again.

The series follows Kelsey as she explores single life with the help of some friends, and still only comes to one really crucial realization: Everyone is f*cking weird. So, where does weird become creepy, where does it become sexy, and where might it become happily ever after? You have to watch the show to find out.

Check out Kelsey Ep. 1.5 -- Kelsey finally has a date from an online dating site. She's so excited she forgets to stop talking. Watch earlier episodes of Kelsey here. 

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