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Sarah McLachlan's Return to Lilith and More: A SheWired Exclusive

Sarah McLachlan's Return to Lilith and More: A SheWired Exclusive

Sarah McLachlan, the very-private songstress, animal rights' advocate and Lilith Fair -- a lesbian favorite -- creator opened up her schedule and her heart in a rare interview with Sarah Toce for SheWired to talk about her music, loss of love, motherhood and on flashing  The Pretenders' front woman Chrissie Hynde and bringing her to her knees.

Three-time Grammy Award-winning recording artist Sarah McLachlan is on the verge of releasing her highly-anticipated first full-length album of new music in seven years (The Laws of Illusion - release date scheduled for June 15, 2010).  Her Lilith Fair tour is returning after a 10-year hiatus and boasts the hottest female singers/songwriters in the music industry today (Sheryl Crow, Missy Higgins, Tegan and Sara, Brandi Carlile, Indigo Girls, Colbie Caillat, Mary J. Blige and Kelly Clarkson, to name a few).  Lilith Fair originally ran from 1997-1999 and raised more than $10 million for local and national women's charities and programs throughout North America.  

Mother of two little girls (India and Taja) and an avid animal rights advocate, Sarah has lent her voice and her name to the causes closest to her heart.  Turn on the television and you're bound to see her ASPCA commercial with "Angel" playing in the background...and inspiring a few tears.  Yes, Sarah has long been known to make her fans cry (one of the highest compliments that can be afforded).  Her melodic and soul-inspiring music has touched the lives of millions around the world. 

Sarah's new single, "Loving You is Easy" offers a rare glimpse into the Canadian-born singer/songwriter's personal life since the split with husband (and drummer) of 11 years Ashwin Sood.  The very-private songstress opened up her schedule and her heart in a rare interview with me for SheWired.  Taja was sitting on Sarah's lap and chimed in here and there to become part of the conversation.  Ah, a mother and her child...and an interviewer.  The following is a rare glimpse into the life of Ms. Sarah McLachlan.

SheWired: It has been seven years since you've released a full-length album with new material.  What has changed within that timeframe for you?

Sarah McLachlan: Wow.  Well, I'm seven years older.  I have a second child who's in my arms right now trying to fall asleep.  She is almost three years old and is the most delicious creature ever.  My marriage dissolved of almost 11 years.

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SheWired:  I'm sorry about that.

Well, shit happens!  You know, life kind of ended as I knew it and I had to re-connect with myself and find myself. 

If you could give one word of advice to your 20-year-old self  knowing what you know now, what would you say?

I don't really feel like I'd do anything different.  Communication...maybe, and learning to open up.  Say how you feel and talk about it.  Communication is key.  Don't bury stuff.  I am a very Pandora's box kind of person.  You know, "stuff it in, stuff it in.  I don't have time.  Stuff it in" and then, POOF!  Then I explode.  You know, these things do come with age and I'm still working on them.  I'm 42 and I am nowhere near figuring it out.  As a matter of fact, I feel like I'm learning to crawl again, you know? It's a slow never-ending process and the painful "growing up" stuff.

Thank you for sharing that with us.  If you hadn't gone through all of that, I'm sure we wouldn't have had all of the touching and amazing music you've released over the years.

That's true.  You know, sadness is painful.  Growth is painful.  Having the urgency to stay is pretty simple but you don't grow much.  You become stagnant in that.  It's the process of being re-born and that's where you grow and change.  That's the stuff that I work toward.  In my darkest days, I would tell myself, "This is good. I am growing from this and I am learning from this and I will be better because of what is happening."

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Your music has definitely helped me through some tough times and I know there are millions of people out there who feel the same.

It's my pleasure.  I mean, that's the greatest gift about music.  It helps connect us with each other and with ourselves.  That's what we need more than ever today - to be connected within ourselves and with each other.

Can you tell us a backstage story from Lilith in 1997?

I'm not at liberty to discuss anything that went on behind closed doors [laughs].  It was a lot of fun and there were a lot of great stories, sharing and drunken stupidness as well.  A lot of dance parties.  This was before I had kids and I didn't have to get up at 6 a.m. every day.  For me, one of the most memorable moments happened onstage getting to perform with some of my heroes and fantastic artists and musicians. 

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I remember one story in particular.  Chrissy Hynde from the Pretenders scared the crap out of me.  She is kind of intimidating!  She thought I was going to be all demure and sweet.  I remember I asked her to go play some pool with me.  This is the first time I've talked about this!  She said, "Why don't you come out onstage?" and at one point I did.  I did this silly dance to just really entertain her because I'm a goof like that.  I love making people laugh and I wanted to make her laugh.  I came out in the middle of her song in this red beaded tube top and I wrote something rather crass across my chest and then I flashed her!  I brought Chrissie Hynde to her knees in front of everybody. That was my rock 'n' roll story.  I have no shame whatsoever!

There are a whole bunch of SheWired fans who are going to love that story!  Just throwing it out there..

Aw, well, cool! [Laughs].  That is really cool.

What five things are going with you on the road this summer for Lilith?

1.     My two girls.  I can't think of anything else that is as important. 

2.     My dog.  I think, but she is getting a little old.  I will have to look at the routing and stuff.  I think she'll be okay.

3.     My fabulous nanny.  She is the sweetest person in this world and really helps me a lot.  A lot!

4.     My yoga instructor.  [to daughter Taj] We'll bring Janet!

Sarah's daughter Taj recommends bringing along Simba (Sarah's elderly cat) but Sarah tells her it probably wouldn't be a good idea because Simba gets ill the moment they are on the road.  Taj further tries to persuade her mom to change her mind.  I tell Sarah that we can count her girls as #1 and #2 on the list, thus bringing the total to five.  Taj likes that idea!

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