Aaron Carter Breaks Down in Gay Club, Wants to Be on Will & Grace Reboot

Taylor Henderson

Aaron Carter burst into tears at a gay club yesterday, which means he and I have something in common. 

The bisexual singer's first performance since coming out earlier this week was at Hamburger Mary's, a gay club in his hometown of Brandon, Florida. During the sold-out show, he thanks the LGBTQ community for their love and support, points out the guys in the audience he thinks are gorgeous, then begins to play his new song "Hard to Love," which he dedicates to his ex-girlfriend.

"Bye Felcia!" he exclaims.

The TMZ footage then cuts to the 29-year-old with his back to the audience and he appears to be crying into a towel. He walks back up to the microphone to address the audience, "I just want to say," his voice cracks, "thank you for believing in me again guys. And even if you don't, I still love you."

This isn't the only headline Carter has made this week. Apparently, he's a huge Will & Grace fan and wants to make a cameo on the upcoming reboot!

He also asked Chloe Grace Montez on a date Wednesday after she told Variety about her adolescent crush on the "Candy" singer. 

Breaking down in gay clubs, fangirling over Debra Messing, and thirsting after celebrities on Twitter. Looks like Carter is getting the hang of this LGBT thing!

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