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This Is the Only Good Gender Reveal Party Ever

This Is the Only Good Gender Reveal Party Ever

This Is the Only Good Gender Reveal Party Ever

Everyone else can go home.


Gender reveal parties are the worst. Even when they aren’t blowing things up or setting wildfires that ravage tens of thousands of acres, they still perpetuate outdated ideas of gender, and also annoy all your friends and family because my god, isn’t a baby shower enough??

But we’ve found one, exactly one, gender reveal party that we can approve of.

The video starts off like any other gender reveal recorded and uploaded to social media for posterity and endless likes from people you literally never talk to IRL. But when the time comes for the typical pink or blue to reveal the gender of the upcoming baby…well, see for yourselves.

[instagram expand=1 site_id=25299530 embed_desktop_width=540 embed_desktop_height=988 embed_mobile_width=375 embed_mobile_height=781]

While it’s unfortunately obvious that this isn’t an ACTUAL gender reveal party, we applaud the realistic commitment to both the set up and the execution. And Twitter is still enjoying the hell out of it regardless.









Other cis het folks planning their binary gender reveal parties…take note! And then just cancel your parties entirely. Gender is a construct! Appreciate whatever and whoever your kid turns out to be!

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