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Drunk History Celebrates Edie Windsor & Same-Sex Marriage

'Drunk History' Celebrates Edie Windsor & Same-Sex Marriage

'Drunk History' Celebrates Edie Windsor & Same-Sex Marriage

"I'm talking about gay stuff!"


Comedy Central's hit show Drunk History is back with a new episode featuring the beautiful love story of Edie Windsor and Thea Spyer—as told by Alison Brie, Sugar Lyn Beard, and a lot of vodka.

Windsor (played by Beard) and Spyer (played by Brie) were two lesbians in 1950s New York who fell in love and started dating, even though LGBTQ relationships were illegal at the time.

Tipsy comedian Alison Rich, narrating the episode along with Kirby Howell-Baptiste, begins the story: "The year is 1950; the place is the United States of A. At this point in history, it's not even legal to dance closely to a person of the same sex. So Edie Windsor was a young lesbian, and she's like, 'Ooh, I gotta keep my personal life private, 'cause this is the past, and the past is close-minded.' (I'm talking about gay stuff.)"

The women spent the next few decades together and got married in Canada in 2007—everything a loving, committed relationship should be. But when Spyer died in 2009, the American government refused to recognize their marriage and tried to hit Windsor with nearly half a million dollars in estate taxes. Windsor's fight to defend her love became one of the main forces that overturned the Defense of Marriage Act in 2013 and allowed gay couples across America to get married.

Rich told The Advocate that this was an uplifting story to think about, with all the recent political news about the LGBTQ community.

"When push came to shove, being who they were was revolutionary. In this day and age, I think it's really great that people are being more motivated to get more active politically, but it can also be super overwhelming. Knowing that taking the small step of being who you are, maybe not to the whole world but to your family or on your micro-level, can make a lot of change."

Watch the clip from the latest episode of Drunk History below!

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