Colleen Ballinger and Kory DeSoto Have an Honest, Gut-Wrenching Conversation About Coming Out

Alexander Kirk

YouTubers Colleen Ballinger and her BFF Kory DeSoto sat down to recollect the night Kory came out to her. The subsequent story is a moving tribute to just how important best friends and the simple act of support are during this courageous time.

Attending a Christian college with conservative beliefs, combined with the threat of being outed by a classmate, forced Kory to do the inevitable.

"I thought it was going to be the end. I thought Colleen was like everyone else and thought it was a huge awful sin," he says in the video. The outpouring emotion from both of them simply recollecting this story is too real to even put into words. 

Watch below, be inspired, and tell your best friend you love them today! :)  

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