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16 Inevitable, Hilarious Results of Moving in With Your Girlfriend

16 Hilarious Things That Happen After You Move In With Your Girlfriend

16 Hilarious Things That Happen After You Move In With Your Girlfriend

How did we use that many dishes? 


16. Date night becomes just eating dinner together. If you're lucky you make it to the table instead of the couch.


15. The creams, masks and other beautification myths that your girl used to keep hidden are now debunked.


14. The dishes struggle is REAL. Maybe you can both chip in for a maid. Better yet, train your cat to do this!


13. Your closet simultaneously doubles in wardrobe and now you can't find ANYTHING! 


12. Alone time becomes time for a happy dance. 


11.  Sex is now fair game basically anytime/anywhere. As long as it's before your favorite TV show starts. 


10. Sex also becomes your sole form of exercise 


9. Your razors will basically be interchangeable. And everything else you own.



8. This one. All of the mystery is gone. 


7. Your sleep schedule officially becomes a lost cause.


6. Even your cat will roll his eyes when you call each other "sweetie" and "love muffin" at home.


5. When you run out of underwear and go commando, your girl knows and is waiting not so patiently for your return.


4. Cuddling becomes your solution for all problems. 




3. Hoarding tendencies become uncontrollable. Obviously you need every ticket stub and napkin ring from each date. It's important!


2. Your love grows on a whole different level.


1. Waking up next to each other every day makes everything else completely worth it.

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