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15 Long-Distance Girlfriend Problems

15 Long-Distance Girlfriend Problems

15 Long-Distance Girlfriend Problems

When it comes to long distance the struggle is REAL.

Being long distance girlfriends can be tough, but if you and your girl make it through this you can make it through anything! 


15. You might stop caring about your appearance just a tad.

There is literally no one to impress. What's the point of shaving?


14. You will learn to live in the moment.

 Every moment with your girl face-to-face is one to be treasured. 


13. You become the ultimate planner. 

Spontaneity be damned when it comes to spending time with your girl from afar.


12. People begin to think you're making the girfriend up. 

My long distance girlfriend is way better than your nonexistent one.


11. Emojis quickly become your primary form of communication.

Warning...winky faces are not the fix to every text problem ;)


10. And there will be tears.

Happy tears, sad tears, lonely tears. The emotions of being in a long distance relationship are no joke.


9. You will inevitably fight. Especially over the small things.

And with the distance that also means no make-up sex.


8. Couple apps run your life. 

Ever heard of thumb kissing? It's VERY far from the real thing.


7. You will both begin to HATE airports. 

Airports used to be the gateway to fun, now they generally mean you are leaving your girl.


6. You and your vibrator will be closer than ever.

Don't forget the phone and get your girl involved!


5. You'll spend more money on care packages than you ever thought imaginable.

She is going to love The L Word on DVD and my homemade cookies!


4. Dates get a bit more creative.

Virtual picnic on the couch anyone? How about long distance Netflix reruns together?


3. The jealous green monster will eventually come out. 

Who exactly is this new girl who liked your Instagram post?!


2. Skype sleeping becomes a reality.

Sleeping with a computer does have its challenges though.


1. You become even more obsessed with your phone.

 Every time she calls or texts nothing else matters.   

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