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Watch Prince Eric Kiss the Boy in This Gay Disney Mashup

Watch Prince Eric Kiss the Boy in This Gay Disney Mashup

Watch Prince Eric Kiss the Boy in This Gay Disney Mashup

Remember when Hercules and Aladdin were the cutest couple ever? It was magical, but this story's not about them. YouTuber The Nameless Doll made a mashup featuring The Little Mermaid's Prince Eric and Anastasia's Dimitri as an adorable same-sex couple. 

The video is set to a song called "Olet Puolisoni Nyt", which apparently translates to "You Are My Spouse Now." Yes, Eric and Dimitri get married and start a family. There are a lot of Disney cameos in the video, so keep your eyes peeled. 

The Nameless Doll added some bullet points (spoilers) to the video's description that help tell the story: 

  1. Nani and Cindy are adopted.
  2. Dimitiri lost contact with his parents after he married Eric.
  3. The “grandchildren” on the wall are Cindy´s biological kids.
  4. Naveen and Audrey are Dimitri´s close friends.
  5. Eric is an actor (Belle is his co-worker).
  6. Eric recovered from cancer, and lived to celebrate their golden wedding anniversary.

And, they also provided a few points that are not obvious in the film (i.e. Eric's asexual and Dimitri's gay):

  1. Dimitiri is gay, while Eric is asexual.
  2. Cindy became an actor.
  3. Nani became an Olympic surfer.
  4. Cindy married and has two children.
  5. Nani, who's also asexual, never married or had children. She became a mother figure to a teenage foster child later in life. 
  6. Nani has ADHD.
  7. Compared to Dimitiri's family, Eric's is accepting.
  8. Dimtiri was a photographer.

Wow, that's a lot to take in. Can you believe Nani has ADHD? Shocking. 

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