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Drake is full of paradoxes: an actor and an internet personality, he’s a rapper whose lyrics pull at your hearstrings like a Nicholas Sparks book. After acting in Degrassi (yes, that Degrassi), Drake launched his rap career, joining the rap group Young Money with Lil’ Wayne and Nicki Minaj. While their group flourished, it was in their solo careers that all three found ungodly levels of success. Today, Drake is a household name, one you should always keep on your playlists.

Lil Yachty Has No Time for Homophobes Who Don't Like His Drag

The rapper defended himself from online criticism after appearing in drag for the music video of his latest single "Oprah's Bank Account."

Drake Featured the Fab Five in His 'In My Feelings' Music Video

The Queer Eye guys AND Drake! What more could you ask for?!

Drake Stopped His Concert to Call Out a Man Who Was Groping a Woman

Drake stopped his performance at Sydney's Marquee Nightclub to tell a man to stop groping a female concert-goer. 

An Ode to Drake's Arms

Drake may be an awesome rapper, but he's also got the biceps of a Greek god!

God Is Real, Because Justin Bieber and Drake Just Released a New Song

The "One Dance" remix is EVERYTHING.

Rihanna Blessed Us With Two New Collabs Today

Praise the Friday Gods! Calvin Harris and Drake for the win!