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What is it about gingers? Ed Sheeran is an English singer-songwriter and maybe the cutest ginger guy we've ever fallen for. With hit singles like "Thinking Out Loud" from his "X" album and "Give Me Love" from his 2011 album "+" (he likes simple album titles), Sheeran has always sung from the soul, and his alternative sound has ranged from psych pop to indie rock and back again. But maybe we love him because he's always been one of our most vocal (and most handsome) LGBT allies. We love you Ed!

Beyoncé & Ed Sheeran's Stage Outfits Ignite Gender Standards Debate

"Men can stand more on their hard work and talent alone while women often have to 10/10 everything."

Op-ed: In Defense of Taylor Swift and Why the Hate Is Just Plain Sexist

Swift is a successful young woman and a terrific philanthropist, so why so much unending hate?