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7 Times Ellen & Portia Proved They're the Ultimate Power Couple

EJ Rosetta

It’s hard to argue with the universal truth that Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi are probably everyone's fave couple ever. Need some convincing? Here are 7 reasons they f**king rock!

1. Ellen was the first gay actress to come out both on screen and in real life. She came out in 1997 on The Oprah Winfrey Show, and followed this by having her character on her TV show Ellen come out to a radio therapist, played by Winfrey, making her the first out actress to play gay on screen

This huge step not only inspired many LGBTQ people to come out themselves, but marked the start of queer visibility in mainstream media.


So basically, without Ellen, we’d never have had Shane McCutcheon. A world I wouldn’t want to live in…

shane l word yeah

2. Portia personally acts as advocate for a variety of charitable organizations, including Locks of Love, a group that provides human hair wigs (donated ponytails) for children with alopecia and other hair loss conditions


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Portia herself even donated her own hair to the charity. Which is just damn amazing.

3. They’re the most coordinated couple on the red carpet and they always look amazing

Something I can’t even pull off while single…

4. One Halloween, Ellen decided to hide in the pantry to scare the sh*t out of her wife when she came home. At the same time, Portia was hidden in the closet (literally speaking) waiting to do the exact same thing. After a couple of hours passed, Ellen texted Portia and finally went to help her out of the pantry

If that doesn’t prove they’re perfect for each other then I don’t know what does.

5. Ellen launched ED a lifestyle brand which her website describes as “inspired by the iconic style, values and personality of founder Ellen DeGeneres…Ellen brings her unique vision to this beautifully designed, high quality collection of women’s apparel, accessories and decorative home. The ED brand encourages consumers to embrace and express their own sense of style and individuality through all parts of their life.”


Tomorrow our ED Collection lands at Gapkids!! So excited!!! #gapkidsxED #gapkids #ellenED #girlpower #thisisgoingtobeepic

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Because you know you’ve made it when your brand name is on a snapback.

6. Their wedding photos. Just…OMG. Perfection!!

7. Ellen's seat on The Ellen DeGeneres Show directly faces a chair reserved exclusively for Portia. Apparently Portia rarely misses a show and Ellen will kiss her hand repeatedly right up until the show starts.

portia seat

So, if you’re looking for relationship goals, you need only look as far as Portia and Ellen!!

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