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Broad Sheet: Bettie Page's Fate, Grrl Power Horror, and an Even Hotter Angelina Jolie

Broad Sheet: Bettie Page's Fate, Grrl Power Horror, and an Even Hotter Angelina Jolie

Broad Sheet: Bettie Page's Fate, Grrl Power Horror, and an Even Hotter Angelina Jolie

Don't miss this week's can't-miss, female-centric entertainment highlights.

Don't miss this week's can't-miss, female-centric entertainment highlights, brought to you in all their sapphic glory below: 

10. MUSIC: Nikki Williams "Thank God It's Friday"

Up-and-coming artist Nikki Williams has released a lyric video for her new track "Thank God It's Friday!" with all the fun and edginess to match this South African native's vocal delivery. Williams continues to prove that a chest-thumping dance floor anthem can in fact have the pipes and vocals of our favorite sultry pop-rock jams. And just when we thought we couldn't take another song about our favorite day of the week, Nikki gives us this pop-party hit. With the release of her first single "Glowing," and acoustic renditions of the song, Williams received much buzz among critics, music bloggers, and club-goers alike. Now, with this lyric video, bombshell Nikki shows us that her beats and voice alone carry enough attitude for a musical montage that'll have you saying T.G.I.F. — Jonathan Carmona

9. VOD: Chastity Bites!

Tired of seeing women relegated to terrified, shrieking puddles in horror films writer-producer Lotti Phariss Knowles set out to break ground with a positive female perspective in a slasher flick. Notorious serial killer Elizabeth Bathory (Louise Griffiths) is convinced she's found her personal fountain of youth — and it involves bathing in the blood of virgins. Bathory, better known as the "Blood Countess" finds an endless supply of fresh virgins at her disposal as an abstinence-only educator in conservative America. Featuring some steamy sapphic  undertones and a lesbian (played by Francia Raisa) who comes out in the course of the film, Chastity Bites is sure to send chills down your spine. The film is available through Video on Demand platforms, as well as iTunes, Amazon, and Google Play. Find a digital copy here, and watch the trailer below. — Sunnivie Brydum


8. TV: Generation Cryo
Dear, anonymous sperm donor, your 15 teenage kids are on a mission to find you. Follow Breeanna in the first episode of the new series, Generation Cryo, on Monday on MTV at 10/9 p.m. Central. "My story starts with my two moms," she says. "They wanted a kid, and neither one of them had a penis." Breeanna first tracks down her half-siblings, and then they set out together to find the man whose DNA they all share. This will not be a smooth ride. — Lucas Grindley

7. BOOK: Adé by Rebecca Walker
The first novel for Rebecca Walker, who is bisexual, is a love story about a college student who falls for a young Swahili man named Adé who lives on island off the coast of Kenya. They hoped to run away together for the simple life, but when things don't go as planned they could be torn apart. Some will recognize Walker as the author of two memoirs, including New York Times Bestseller Black, White and Jewish. Those who know her may have already ordered the book, which came out October 29. — Lucas Grindley

6. THEATER: Miracle on South Division St

It's nearly Christmas, and the Nowaks of Buffalo, New York are about to learn family secrets they couldn't have seen coming. In this West Coast premiere of Miracle on South Division Street, written by Tom Dudzick, a struggling actress named Ruth and her Catholic family are about to confront a series of new information that will have them reconsidering their identity. The play continues now through December 16 at The Colony Theatre in Burbank, Calif. — Lucas Grindley

5. DOC: The Punk Singer with Kathleen Hannna

You can just be some Valley Girl with a "distinctive" accent and still be smart and worth listening to. For real. We know that some of you will find that unbelievable. But watch The Punk Singer, a film about Kathleen Hanna, the brilliant lead singer of Bikini Kill and Le Tigre — and an originator of the Riot Grrl movement — then give up trying to stereotype feminist icons. For big fans of Hanna already, much of what you'll find here has never before been seen. Watch the movie at special screenings all over the country from now through February. — Lucas Grindley

4. TV: Billie Jean King Talking to EJ and Christiane Amanpour on 40 Years of Friendship and Activism

Tennis legend Billie Jean King and music legend Elton John are actually really good friends. Who knew? They first met when King showed up at a party years ago and didn't realize it was thrown in John's honor. The two sat down on a tennis court somewhere for an exclusive interview this week with CNN's Christiane Amanpour. John is actually sans sequins and wearing shorts and sneakers instead. But aside from just staring at the strangeness of these two queer icons side by side, you won't want to miss these great stories. Check out the video below. — Lucas Grindley

3. FILM: Philomena

Dame Judi Dench, who received critical praise for her portrayal of a lesbian character in Notes on a Scandal, stars in her latest film with LGBT themes, Philomena. Dench plays the titular character of Philomena Lee, a woman determined to recover a son she was forced to give up for adoption in the 1950s, when she bore the child out of wedlock within a conservative Irish Catholic community. With the assistance of a reporter from the BBC (Steve Coogan), Philomena embarks on her quest for reunion and redemption with a grown son who, as she discovers, is a gay politician. Based on a true story, the film has garnered acclaim from critics (91 percent on review aggregate website RottenTomatoes), who hail the performance of Dench as well as the screenplay written by Coogan, which moves the audience to both laughter and tears. Philomena premieres November 22 in New York and Los Angeles. Watch the trailer below. — Daniel Reynolds

2. FILM: Angelina Jolie as Maleficent

The trailer for Disney's upcoming Maleficent has now been released and Angelina Jolie could not look any more fearsome — or enchanting — than she does as the titular sorceress. Few Disney villains are so iconic in their dark power and terrible cruelty like Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty, which is why Jolie is the perfect fit. Jolie is an actress who can embody the seductive charm of absolute evil that draws our attention away from boring, blonde-haired princesses. Maleficent aims to retell the Sleeping Beauty story from the perspective of the maybe-not-so-wicked lady in black as she fights for possession of a kingdom that was once hers. Allusions to the 1959 Disney classic are abundant in the trailer that feels more like a teaser, what with the horns and thorns and Maleficent's piercing green-eyed gaze. As the trailer fades to darkness, Jolie's villainous laugh echoes in the distance. We can’t wait till May 30, 2014! — Nicholas Cimarusti

1. FILM: Bettie Page Reveals All

With Academy Award-nominated filmmaker Mark Mori’s new stunning new documentary, Bettie Page Reveals All, fans get something they’ve never gotten before: to hear from Bettie Page herself. Told with audio that was taped a decade prior to her death in 2008, along with video, photos, and artwork of Page both as a child and up into her 40s, the film is at times a fascinating, heartbreaking, and often humorous look at the life of a woman who has influenced fashion, pop culture, and women’s rights movements immensely. From Page’s childhood (the father who molested her was “a sex fiend” who would have sex with sheep, cows and chickens, while her mother never even wanted a daughter) to her career as a scandalous 50s pin-up model, her marriages and affairs (with interviews with some of her exes), and both the reason for her sudden retirement at the peak of her modeling career in 1957 and what followed (including a schizophrenia diagnosis). The film offers a a great look at how much stars like Katy Perry and Beyoncé have been influenced by the irresistible style icon; in 2012, Forbes listed her as one of the top ten posthumous celebrity earners. — Diane Anderson-Minshall


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