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5 Reasons Katy Perry Will Totally Rock The Super Bowl

5 Reasons Katy Perry Will Totally Rock The Super Bowl

5 Reasons Katy Perry Will Totally Rock The Super Bowl

This Sunday, get ready to hear Katy Perry roar.


The Super Bowl is looming ever closer, and that means one very special thing; so is the halftime show. This year, Katy Perry will be taking on the stage previously dominated by Bruno Mars and before that, Beyonce. It's a big responsibility, but Katy claims she's not only ready for the challenge, but ready to bring her A-est of games, which reportedly involves guest stars Lenny Kravitz, Missy Elliot, a lion, and some sharks. Intruigued? Yeah, it's hard not to be with that line up. But Katy's no stranger to wild, fantastical live shows, and even though we've been somewhat let it on how big this will be, we're still excited to see what she'll have up her wildly costumed sleeves. Here are 5 reasons we're sure Katy's Super Bowl performance will be one worth watching!


1. She's as spastically enthusiastic as possibly. In this official interview, a very giggly, giddy Katy explains just exactly what she's going to bring to Sunday's show and how much we're probably all going to love it. We all know Katy's a powerful singer, but she's a pretty adorable person too. 



2. In the video for her hit single "Roar," we watched Katy morph before our eyes into a tiger-taming queen of the jungle. Now that we've gotten the heads up from Katy herself, we're very curious to watch her perform side-by-side with real jungle cats. PETA had quite the up"roar" about this video, but Katy's team assured the world that the animals were in a safe environment and none of them were harmed. Though there's sure to be some controversy, we're sure that caring trend will continue at the Super Bowl and lead to some pretty wild performances.



3. If Missy Elliot has half the enthusiasm during this Super Bowl performance as she does during the first 5 seconds of this "Last Friday Night" remix, we have absolutely nothing to worry about.


4. Katy knows how to bring the party. This "Dark Horse" performance from the 2014 Brit Awards is basically a 3 and a half minute rave as she takes on a blacklights and a serious level of aggressive neon. Whether we'll be getting this level of eye-grabbing intensity or a more subtle approach like her "Unconditionally" live performance at the 2013 performance remains to be seen (and the Sunday slot is so long we may get both and more), but no matter what angle of spectacle performance Katy's bringing, we usually end up entertained. 


5. There's a soft spot in our hearts for people who have guest-starred on Sesame Street. Say goodbye to the "Hot N Cold" riddles sexual innuendos we're used to, and hello to a song about Elmo not wanting to play dress up anymore. Chances are Elmo won't be making an appearence in Katy's Super Bowl performance, but we'll take what we can get. 

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