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11 Queer Women Who Prove Some Take Longer Than Others to Come Out

When Orange is the New Black writer Lauren Morelli was penning a scene between Piper and Alex, she was surprised when she connected with the love story. She divorced her husband, then made headlines when she began dating actress Samira Wiley, one of the show’s stars. The country was buzzing. But she wasn't the first and she won't be the last to have been in a serious relationship with a man before realizing love for a woman. Here is a list of 11 celebrity queer women who were with a man before coming out, though there are thousands of you out there whose names we don't know. 


Meredith Baxter

Former TV mom Meredith Baxter, who is best known for her role as Elyse Keaton on the '80s sitcom Family Ties, made headlines in 2011 when she came out as a lesbian. Baxter talks of her previous marriage with David Birney as a ‘physically and emotionally abusive’ relationship and how realizing she was a lesbian brought her back to life.  "I felt alive in way I had not experienced, and life was rife with possibilities," she said. Baxter and her longtime partner Nancy Locke were married in 2013.


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