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The Lesbian Beanie Shopping Guide

The Lesbian Beanie Shopping Guide

The Lesbian Beanie Shopping Guide

Your one stop shopping guide

Hey Tomboys,

Ah, Fall is well underway, as my friend Grace shows with this beautiful snap from Chicago.  

And what else is Fall and Winter better known for than a chance to sport a LESBIAN BEANIE. JK, I think we all know that beanies themselves are not lesbians, but let's be honest, they are pretty dang gay. It's tough though to find that perfect beanie that you'll wear holes into, so let's talk a buying guide to make sure you come closer to landing beanie you want. First up: Fabric. 


Summer Beanie vs. Winter Beanie

Beanies can be worn year round, but the fabric choice is crucial. Summer beanies are made of breathable lightweight material and are often loosely knit, while winter beanies are heavy and made from fabrics like wool. You would think this is common sense but you'd be surprised how many folks try to pull off a wool beanie in the summertime to get the look they want. Make sure you're wearing the right choice.



Beanies come in all colors, just like cake. Nom nom nom. 

Decide what color you want to rock. Beanies can be reversible, too. Some have patterns. 


The Fit

Then there's the fit! Fits are as diverse as the population deciding to wear them. You'll want to decide a snug. Just as in real life, there are appropriate snugs for every occasion. So don't be afraid to mix and match and try out new snug partners.


The Snug Reversable Beanie



This is Neff's Fold Black and Gray Beanie for 17.75 and is holding it down for our five star snugness. This means it will sit pretty closely to your head upon wearing. Neff is a sexy brand and the site is currently running a buy one get one half off sale. This is also known as a fold beanie, so know your categories.

If this beanie were your girlfriend, she'd hold you the tightest.


The Visor Beanie

Honestly the only people I've ever seen really wear a visor beanie are from New Jersey. I see someone wearing this hat who is a butch lesbian that still prefers tight womens polos. Mostly your chapstick lesbians. No judgment here except to stop it. I do actually think femmes can pull this off. And though the beanie below is acceptable to some, I'd take it a step farther go for the oversized slouch visor beanie if I were to go there.



Butches: Please proceed with caution. If you think you look fly, ask 3 friends in different friend circles before committing.


The Slouch Beanie

Ludacris is all like, "How low can you go? Can you go down low?" Who knew he was talking about beanies? You have options with these. First up, a slightly baggy beanie like this District DT18 Beanie. These are 6 dollars, I own several, can't beat em.





or you can go for a "Rasta" style beanie, such as this one from HandMadeBySusanna.

Find your preferred slouch.

But finally, the best looking beanie for the Fall and Winter season has to be ...


The Pom Beanie


This Pom Beanie from Lar Garconne is the cutest. at 160.00 it's a tad steep but you can seriously Google pom beanies and find them for next to cheap. They come in all colors and I think are just the playful touch that your wardrobe needs.

Happy beanie shopping Tomboys!


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