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Tomboy Make-Up Tips from Ellen Page, Jane Lynch and Carrie Brownstein's Make-Up Artist

Tomboy Make-Up Tips from Ellen Page, Jane Lynch, Carrie Brownstein and More!

Tomboy Make-Up Tips from Ellen Page, Jane Lynch, Carrie Brownstein and More!

How to navigate make-up with ease.

Have you ever heard the running joke that there are butches, then there are L.A. butches? L.A. butches are those masculine presenting women who wear plaid and boots but who still rock just a tad bit of makeup. Like oh, this girl.

So if there are non-LA butches out there who think I'm crazy for talking make-up, that's cool. And if there are LA butches who are saying, "I don't wear make-up!" holler! It takes all kinds of people on all kinds of spectrums to make the world go round. But if you're interested in how eyeliner or foundation or that pink powdery stuff can play into being a Tomboy-- let me stop here because that is actually the extent of my make-up knowledge. This tutorial with celebrity make-up artist Toby Fleishman, is pretty rad.

Toby is the make-up artist to many of our favorite celebrity tomboys including Ellen Page, Evan Rachel Wood, Jane Lynch, Carrie Brownstein, and others. She stopped by to chat tomboy makeup strategy with Tomboy Style Blog for "the girl who wants to look like just themselves, only a little better." 

Here are some snippets:

On Brows: "My number 2 product for a clean brow is an eyebrow pencil....the general rule of thumb is to choose a color one shade lighter than your eyebrow color. A couple of swipes in the direction of your brows will really pop out your eye without a lot of fuss." 

On Eyes: "I will admit, mascara is my one desert island item; it just really makes everyone look better. You don't have to be scared, I'm not talking about Kardashian lashes, just a coat or two of black mascara, or even brown if you really want more of a natural look, will make you appear awake and refreshened."


On Skin: "Even the most perfect skin can always benefit from a little evening out tone and covering of typical areas that tend to hold redness like under the eyes and around the nose..There are great multi--tasking products on the market that can give you skin care well as pigmented color. There are tons of names for them these day: tinted moisturizers, BB creams, CC creams or even DD creams...You don't necessarily need any brushes or tools, just your fingers."

To read the entire interview, as well as now-fuss low maintenance products that Toby recommends for tomboys everywhere, this is a must-read over at Tomboy Style Blog. 

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