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5 Tomboy Moments from Tilda Swinton's Interview as GQ's Woman of the Year

5 Tomboy Moments from Tilda Swinton's Interview as GQ's Woman of the Year

5 Tomboy Moments from Tilda Swinton's Interview as GQ's Woman of the Year

You'll want to make her your best friend.

British Fashion Muse and Actress Tilda Swinton has been chosen as GQ's Woman of the Year and what a fine, offbeat choice it is. The magazine's feature with Tilda is as magnificent as it quirky, a brilliant insight into what makes this woman run. It should not be missed. Especially considering that, in some sort of bizarro country swap, GQ UK chose Kim Kardashian as its woman of the year. GQ US you definitely got it right! Here are five of the top tomboy moments from Tilda's interview. Every single one worth celebrating. 

1. She knows she's too badass to simply be someone that looks like a person on film. 

"I don't really look like people in films, I look like people in paintings." - Tilda to GQ

2. Tilda picks up the GQ reporter in person at the airport and drives him around Scottland in a green Skoda hatchback. Everyone knows tomboys LOVE a hatchback. 




"Tilda Swinton drives fast through the Scottish Highlands; deep green, hay bales on the side of the road. I ask her where exactly we are. She starts drawing a map of Scotland, eerily precise on the windshield with her finger, driving while nonchalantly sketching on the glass in front of her." - GQ Magazine

3. She reveals that, for a time in her youth, she lived solely on her winnings from betting on racehorses.



"When I lived in London, there was a couple of years where I didn't do anything else. The way I made money was putting money on the horses."  - Tilda to GQ

4. Her cell phone has mostly photos of of her dogs and eggs! The dog thing I can definitely identify with and the egg thing I can probably get behind. Especially if they're from hens in the yard, like she has. 


"My tropes are dogs and eggs, Tilda decides scanning through her photos. "Dogs and eggs, and my sweetheart, I'd have to say." - Tilda to GQ. 

5. She talks about skinny dipping in the Scottish Dunes. 

"Sandro and I decided we wanted to walk over there. And we were walking, and water --" she gestures up to her thigh to show how deep it got. "So we said 'Fuck It,' came back here and took off our clothes and just swam out. It was marvelous." - Tilda to GQ


Tilda, you are marvelous. Head over to GQ to check out the entire two page feature. 



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